Saturday, September 11, 2004

revolutions take a lot of work...

Okay, so our signal has been up and down lately, but hopefully its stabilizing right now. We've got a pretty complicated set up going on in an effort to maintain our clandestine quality, and its takes a lot of work to get right. Feel free to email us or post here with comments/complaints/praise about the signal quality.

Recently, we participated in the really exciting Critical Mass Radio Network (CMRN) broadcast by rebroadcasting the radioActive sanDiego signal. CMRN is basically a nationwide network of independent, community radio stations with points of unity very similar to Indymedia. Its sort of like Indymedia for radio. They did a coordinated broadcast in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Portland and New York on August 27th, the day before the RNC started, and the content was all about the RNC. You can check the website for more details and for an archive of the shows. In addition, we rebroadcast radioActive's live coverage of the RNC protests from the streets of NYC. It was awesome.

We're working on improving our signal's stability and strength. As soon as we figure out a way to do it cheaply and clandestinely, we'll have a way for you to make a donation here, because we can really use the dough. Pirate radio isn't cheap.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the next Critical Mass broadcast, the last friday of this month. The topic is going to be the National Association of Broadcasters, what's wrong with them and the rest of the corporate media, and all the powerful community projects going on to provide really democratic, corporate-free access to the information sphere. The NAB is having their confernce in San Diego this year, and a lot of great community organizations are doing a ton of work to create a counter conference, so check out Media emergenC for more info.

Thanks for listening to "the media revolution to make revolution possible".


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