Tuesday, November 16, 2004

FCC Continues Its Attack On Community Radio


November 16, 2004

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The location of the pirate radio station 106.9FM in San Diego, California was visited for the third time by members of the FCC, Wednesday, the 10th of November. Agents entered the property, claiming that they did not need a warrant, to inspect the equipment. Subsequently, they issued a verbal order that the signal be shut down immediately, or the broadcasters would be issued a ten thousand dollar fine. Though it is not the policy of the station to honor the "authority" of the FCC, an un-knowing individual allowed the agents into the location. The station does not plan on further cooperation with the FCC and resumed broadcasting immediately.

"The FCC is continuing its campaign of intimidation and fear against people simply trying to exercise their first amendment right to free speech", said a member of 106.9FM who wishes to remain anonymous.

The FCC has said that 106.9FM is not interfering with any other radio stations and that there have been no complaints from the community. The FCC has also said that there are no frequencies available on the FM dial for licensing in San Diego.

In 2003, Senator Diane Feinstein began a senate inquiry into the questionable legal practice of the FCC demanding entrance to homes without a warrant.

For more information on the station and the history of the FCC and pirate radio, please visit the station's website at www.1069fm.org.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The FCC's kicking you around because the guys at 96.9 won't let their agent come in and eyeball their equipment. It also allows them to impress their superiors, and in a cash-strapped agency like the FCC, busting pirates is the only way up the ladder. I say fight `em in court, they didn't have a warrant anyway.

- Strelnikov

10:49 PM  
Blogger nascarblue said...

Why have I never heard of you guys? I volunteered at KPFK for a few months. Being KPFK is the biggest activist related radio station in So-Cal, I would've expected to have heard of you guys.

Got a question for you, do you think you are getting harrassed because of your activist political positions?

7:41 PM  

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