Friday, April 21, 2006

Reports of New Coverage Area

Hey there 106.9 listeners! We've been keepin gour antennas held high like swords and apparently our new 150 watt transmitter is working really well. One commenter said:

"Your Signal is almost everywhere, even better than 96.9!

Last evening I monitored you from 52&805 all the way to Santee where you dropped out, but once I reached Navajo on the 125 you were back to full strength. Your report of 150 watts is believable, but I would guess you also have a gain antenna based on your coverage area, one of our other guys said your signal was decent almost the Mexican border...

Oh how about that Stereo signal?"

While that's very kind, we still have much to learn about pirate skills and we don't think our coverage is as good as 96.9's. A good ninja must be humble. And as for stereo, we'd love to have a stereo signal. Feel free to hit that donate button and help us make it happen!

Some people have said that the signal cuts out at Claremont Mesa, but others have said that they could pick it up into parts of La Jolla!

Here are some areas we've heard the signal in:

barrio logan
sherman heights
north park
south park
lemon grove
la mesa
national city
linda vista
near sdsu
chula vista
national city

we've heard spotty coverage in these areas:
mission valley
pacific beach

Please keep posting comments and emailing us with your reports about where you can hear the signal!


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