Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Temporary Shutdown

Sadly, we at 106.9FM want to announce that we will be going off of the air temporarily, due to lack of funds. Remaining anonymous and raising funds has proven to be a very difficult task. We raised enough money at our last benefit to cover some of our operating costs, including utilities and internet access. We have also received a few generous donations which have helped us buy equipment for our new wattage upgrade. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten enough donations to continue our broadcast.

The need to remain anonymous, due to the climate of violent repression of free speech in the United States, also keeps us from more common methods of fundraising like grant writing. Guerillas in the concrete jungle can't just take off their masks in order to ask for cash from foundations. Our ability to continue this project hinges on our anonymity, and so in order to keep broadcasting for you, and for ourselves, we are dedicated to maintaining that anonymity.

We have been working hard to maintain and improve our pirate signal. We feel that we are at a critical time, when so many environmental changes, rebellions and uprisings are taking place. This is a critical time for independent broadcasters. The need for the US government to control the idea sphere is made obvious over and over again, most recently with the harassment of journalists under martial law conditions after hurricane Katrina, or most poignantly with the murder of journalists in Iraq in the Palestine hotel.

If you share our passion to have free, unrestricted, non-corporate voices on the airwaves in San Diego, please help us find the funds to continue operating. We are in debt already because of covering the operating costs and buying equipment for our upgrade. If we can raise this money then we can come back on the air with the wattage upgrade we promised and continue providing our pirate broadcast for all the rebels of San Diego.

If you can donate, please do. Just go to http://1069fm.blogspot.com and click on the Make a Donation button. If you have fundraising suggestions, please email them to us at info@1069fm.org. If you have words of support, criticism, or feedback, those are very welcome as well.

Know that we are continuing to work on this project, and are committed to making it sustainable in the long term, and to continue defying any government that tries to suppress our broadcast.

With love and rebellion,

the 106.9FM urban pirates

>From our web page:

Why 106.9FM?

Because we live in an age of information warfare, where the US murders foreign journalists, shuts down foreign newspapers that are critical of it and invades peoples' homes at gunpoint for contraband videotapes and broadcast equipment.

Because the FCC has said that there is no more room on the dial in San Diego. Even if we wanted to comply with the idea that we should ask for our own airwaves, the only way to do so would be to buy an already licensed station, which could cost up to $50 million dollars.

Because we reject the intellectual property regimes that say that we don't have the right to share the music we love. Those same intellectual property regimes say that the genes in your body are owned by corporations, and that indigenous knowledge can be patented without
reparation, like colonists of old with electron microscopes.

Because the corproate media has failed us. By law, their primary interest must be to make a profit, not to represent us. In their endless drive for more profit, the corporate media has been complicit in sending our generation to their deaths in a war for profit.

Because as a part of capitalism, the corporate media only represents the richest white men in this country, and is organized in an oppressive heirarchy where Rupert Murdoch can define how every journalist in his corporation is going to behave. Their images of false beauty, of whiteness, straightness and piety do not represent us.

Because we have been lied to long enough about the joys of consumerism and the prosperity that will come from hard work.

Because we make the decisions that affect our own lives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are having a beer blast fundraiser at sparky's pub 2 kegs of Pabst at 2 bucks a drink.
It'll be from 8 or 9 until 2am, Dec. 17.

8:31 PM  

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