Tuesday, July 11, 2006

radio ain't cheap! lets do a benefit show!

Hi Friends!

We are really strapped for cash and could really use your financial assistance to stay on the air. What we do is a service to our community. If you value that service, please make a donation by clicking the paypal button here:

So, lets do a benefit show! Are you in a band that would like to perform to help out pirate radio in san diego? Can you help us find or get a venue for a show? If so, let us know! If you can help at all, email 1069fm at resist d[]t ca !

Lets keep pirate radio alive and well in san diego! We hope you're enjoying that lovely 150 watt signal and we are too, so lets keep that signal going!

With our ninja swords held high like antennas...


the 1069fm teenage mutant ninjas


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