Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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106.9FM Threatened by FCC, Refuses to Comply


106.9FM Threatened by FCC, Refuses to Comply

Who: 106.9FM, A San Diego Pirate Radio Station
Contact: 1069fm at resist dot ca
What: FCC threat received, refusal to comply

Around mid-day on August 2nd, the FCC issued a 24-hour demand for the shut-down of 106.9fm with a threat of a $10,000 fine. 106.9fm, one of two pirate radio stations operating in San Diego, has been reclaiming the airwaves for a little over one year. The FCC has visited the undisclosed location three times before, however never with such a serious threat. 106.9fm rebroadcasts the content of a local internet radio station, Radioactive San Diego, which can heard at

This is clearly another example in the government sponsored attack on Freedom of Speech. Only two weeks ago Free Radio San Diego 96.9fm was raided by the FCC, having all of their equipment seized.

We at 106.9fm refuse to comply with the demands of the FCC. We strongly believe in democratic access to our public media outlets. Until the airwaves and other media outlets are accessible to all, we will continue to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Over the next two weeks, members of the station will be working to build a new transmitter. Hence, you will be unable to hear our regular broadcast until that time. We want to make clear that our absence from the dial is not due to the threat of the FCC. Rather this upgrade is a result of the community demand for a bigger, bolder, stronger signal.

The station will not only resume broadcasting within two weeks, but with the help of community sponsors, we will go back on the air five times stronger. That's right. From 30 watts to 150 watts.

Watch out San Diego, we'll be back.

For more information contact:
1069fm at resist dot ca

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