Monday, August 23, 2004

through the red curtain

We've decided to lift the veil a little bit and create more of an online presence. We feel that we need to provide some background to what we're doing, and to respond to all the community interest we've gotten by giving people a place to plug in. We also have a formica table, its color is green.

So, we're creating a blog. This will give us an easy way to communicate with you about what we're doing and how we're improving our pirate signal. It will also provide a place where you can communicate with us about what you think of what we're doing.

We hope that this blog and this website will be a place for discussion around media issues in San Diego. We're happy to join the many other San Diego media activists working to send out a strong revolutionary signal to activate all the angst and joy filled antennas and transistors out there in the minds of radicals in San Diego and beyond.

Unfortunately, speech isn't free in the United States, so we'll have to keep our bandanas on until after the revolution. Until then, we'll see you in the streets and behind the barricades and we can only speak over the airwaves, so tune in to 106.9FM in San Diego.